Sevdaliza - Woman Life Freedom

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Текст песни Sevdaliza - Woman Life Freedom
I was told to stay quiet
In a world full of noise
I was told to walk silent
In a war of wicked marches
In this world
I remain lost for answers

I was told to hold violence
When the world took with greed
I was put on a diet
Cause a woman shouldn't be
I was taught compliance
In the name of the sword
That stabbed every dream
I could be

For a day
For a day
Not today

Not today I am silent
I pick my battles and my peace
I look to god for guidance
Not the name but frequencies
We live we die
We play the game
Dog eat dog
Who's gonna stay sane
All the way

For a day
For a day
For a day
Not today

Like the moon
She go through phases
Of emptiness to full
You don't have to hold
On to the pain
To hold on the fuel
How can I not be biased
When 1 and 1 was made 2
The world revolves around itself
And so do you around you
I guess
You got it figured out
For the time and place
For the age and state
Except your need to bleed
In the palms of rage
This is just another glitch
One day one day
You will understand
How to be a real man
In the womb of a woman
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